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The Brand Evolution of Our Agency

Posted by Kerry Hilton at 4:59 pm, January 24, 2011

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Our brand, HC&B Healthcare Communications, is undergoing a transformation. It’s not our first one. Nor will it be our last.

Complacency. Stagnation. Irrelevance. These are the enemies of a healthy brand. As the marketing experts for numerous clients nationwide, it’s important that our agency practices what it preaches.

Last year, we took an outsider’s view of who we are and what we do. We realized that the company that we started 10 years ago has evolved to a place of prominence:

  • We’ve been recognized by several national organizations as a thought leader with creative prowess.
  • Companies seek us out for our expertise in all disciplines whether it be strategy, media or digital.
  • Our unique model of healthcare marketing has found traction.
  • We now service the entire healthcare ecosystem and are fulfilling our mission statement: for the life of every person.

New HCB Health Reception Area

We welcome you to visit the new HCB Health office.

The Big Reveal

To reflect this confidence, we have chosen to refresh our brand identity and customer experience with a simpler touch:

HC&B Healthcare Communications is now HCB Health. It’s easy to say and easier to remember.

A New Home

This refinement in our brand also requires a new environment. A bigger one, too. We doubled in size these past few years. We’re moving into a space that reflects our true nature with simpler processes and seamless integration between departments.

A New Way of Thinking

So why force such newness upon ourselves? Why should a brand continue to transform? Because like it or not, we can not stay the same. We can not stop moving. That’s when things become dull and boring. And it’s when customers go looking elsewhere.

The HCB Health bull pen.

Natural light is a huge aspect of our new space.

As HCB Health moves to a new floor, I am challenging all of our staff to think of our space as an empty, white canvas. Let’s paint a new picture with fresh eyes and leave behind old ways of thinking.

You should see the energy in this place right now as our people ready themselves for a new day and a new way. They tell me they feel empowered to do more for their clients than ever before. To me, that’s what it’s all about.

To learn more about HCB Health’s transformation, please visit our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter.

About the Author


Kerry Hilton is the President/Chief Executive Officer of HCB Health.

4 Responses to “The Brand Evolution of Our Agency”

  1. avatar Craig L. Clark says:

    Outstanding. I’m inspired. It’s a new day, it’s a new You, it’s a new world and there you are looking off of the deck of the Flagship. 2011, The Best Year Yet! Proud to be part of it.

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