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Making the Most of Your Content Audit

Posted by Tyler Womack at 1:30 pm, May 26, 2011

A content audit is a comprehensive review of the content in a website or family of websites. It’s usually conducted using a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, with the qualities, contents, hits and misses of each page painstakingly catalogued. The spreadsheet (called a content inventory) is then provided as a report.

Like other reports, it serves two functions:

  • It shows your clients (internal and external) that you’ve done due diligence.
  • It provides usable data to continue to the next phase of the project.

When conducting content audits, we content strategists often tout the first function without giving much thought to the second. Yes, we’ve exposed issues with the current website. Yes, we can pinpoint a few red flags in the content. But is the content audit usable? Comprehensive? High-quality from start to finish? Most importantly, does the content audit provide actionable, quantitative information?

After auditing a few large healthcare websites, we at HCB Health have learned a few strategies to improve the value of every content audit. Continue reading »