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This blog is focused on events and trends in health care marketing. The blog is written, run and updated by HCB Health, the leading health care ad agency in Austin, Texas.
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HCB Health in the News

Posted by Erika Reynolds at 8:37 am, June 26, 2013

So far 2013 has been a very busy year for HCB Health. We continue to be recognized across the healthcare marketing space as thought leaders. Here’s a growing list of media appearances by our CEO, Kerry Hilton, and our Interactive Director, Joe Doyle.

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Top 5 Health Tips (We Bet) Your Mama Didn’t Teach Ya

Posted by Tanya Mahr at 12:50 pm, May 10, 2013

mama“Do you have your coat?”

“Eat your vegetables!”

“Cover your mouth when you sneeze.”

Ahh, moms. They always have our best interests in mind. Even when we’re 35 with children of our own and are clearly capable adults, it never fails that they’ll slip a little motherly advice into the conversation. (Cue “Don’t go outside without sunscreen” harping.)

Mom… we love you, but recent studies have shown that mama doesn’t always know what’s best when it comes to our health. In honor of Mother’s Day this weekend, here are our Top 5 Health Tips (We Bet) Your Mama Didn’t Teach Ya:

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Rise of the Accountable Care Organization

Posted by Lauren Otto at 1:05 pm, October 12, 2011

Change is coming to the healthcare neighborhood in the form of the Accountable Care Organization (ACO). ACOs have been cited by some as the savior of our healthcare woes, while others question the validity of this new government initiative.

What is an ACO?

An Accountable Care Organization is a network of diverse physicians who collaborate with each other to provide more holistic, coordinated healthcare to consumers. ACO creators promise increased quality of care while also managing to control costs. Continue reading »

The High Cost of Obesity, and How to Fight it in the Workplace

Posted by Sarah Drake at 9:06 am, October 25, 2010

Last week, ABC News/Health released an article about the growing epidemic of obesity in America and how it causes increased costs for employers. These costs come from both higher health care premiums and lost productivity when employees try to work despite their health problems. This situation, known as “presenteeism,” costs employers “a whopping $12.1 billion per year, nearly twice as much as [employer] medical costs.” Wow.

What actions can employers and, more importantly, employees, take to begin reducing these unnecessary costs? Through minor changes in lifestyle and routine, employees can feel better, experience less sick time and even save money. Continue reading »

Welcome to MED MEN

Posted by Joe Doyle at 9:00 am, August 7, 2010

In the ego-driven advertising world where players make an art of the sell, we are healthcare agents who embrace the art of share.

MED MEN details a variety of industry narratives from the minds at HC&B Healthcare Communications.

Our goal is to produce timely content that gives readers information that provides an opinion and serves a purpose. Continue reading »